GE helps us !

Thanks a lot to General Electric company which help us this year by sponsoring the team.



Electronics progress

We received and welded electronic cards. Previous years we etched and drilled PCB at home, but this year we anticipated more and were able to order them on the internet.

This year we have new one for the Raspberry PI to supply CAN bus needed electronic and some connectors. We were previously using BeagleBone, switching to PI was not very hard as they both run on Debian Linux, programs are the same and as we handle IO on a dedicated card with a Nucleo, we only need CAN bus for cards communication. CAN bus is not native on PI as it was on BeagleBone, but adding a MCP2515 does the job.

For actuators and power supply we took the one from last year with small adaptation for this year to support a stepper motor and brush-less motor, still using Nucleo F303RE. Micro controller program almost stay the same, we only have to adapt actuator moving sequences for this year.

And we re-use last year motor card, doing bot moving control with PID controllers and odometry. This card is made of a STM F303, with motor H-Bridge, rotary encoder connector, CAN bus communication.

Silicon on pliers

Thanks again to Jérôme who this year helped us again with silicon. This year we covered pliers with silicon to improve cube catching efficiency. We improved process from last year, and got a better result and it was easier to make.