Results of French Robotic Cup 2017


The bot did great this year ! We made many tests before the cup and came with a well stabilized and reliable project, so that we finished 7th of 142 validated teams and 198 registered teams in qualification phase and got our place for final phase. Unfortunately, we lost against A.I.G.R.I.S. Birds team in round of sixteen.

Validation step

The first thing was to get our bot validated for the contest. The bot was ready, beacons worked well, and even in an extremely polluted radio frequency environment, the WiFi was okay so everything passed well.

So we had almost 20 hours free before the first game. We took this time to increase the reliability of the bot with some improvements. The big bot was far to be finished, and would force the small bot to start from the back start zone and makes it loose much time, so we cancelled the big bot.

And then Sidney arrived at midnight with a quite interesting challenge: build a new bot with the spare parts he brought, the frame he did the day before, and the electronics that were planed for the big bot. Everything was quite straightforward, the programming needed only 20 minutes with a few modifications of the code of the other bot. So 10 hours later we got it validated too. It was able to win 2 points by pushing a module.


Bots principle

The originally planed small bot became the big one, and was focused on modules. It had to catch modules on the table and release them in the dedicated zone. It also did the funny action.

The new small bot was a bit too young to do very impressive actions, and we didn’t take the risk to rewrite the WiFi stack to handle two bots, so bots didn’t know about the position of other bots. So we kept the small one as far as possible from the big one, and just focused on pushing the module close to the start zone.



The first game was against Projet&Tech’ team. Almost everything was great, just the last module fell on the side so the bot couldn’t catch it. Projet&Tech’ had a great bot designed to make a lot of points, but they had some issues. They won their place for the final in next games, so congratulations to them.

We won 87 to 35 and got the 6th place.


The second was against Space Crackers NG, winners of the previous year cup. We did the same as previous game, Space Crackers NG’s bot experienced some issues on the avoiding system so the bot was programmed to shut down.

We won 87 to 55, and got the 5th place.


The 3rd game was against Club Robot INSA Rennes team. We almost got the 6th module, but we missed less than one second.

We won 87 to 84 and kept the 5th place.


The 4th game was against Altantronic. We experienced our first real problem: a module was dropped above the release zone and blocked the release of the last module.

We won 77 to 47 but dropped to the 8th place.

The 5th game was against Robotaix team. The bot did its job, and was not perturbed at the end by Robotaix bot which came really close, but as the path stayed clear it just slowed down, and continued.

We won 97 to 93 and got the 7th place.


We are qualified for the final ! The first one in 4 years of OpenSaBot participation.


For the final we met A.I.G.R.I.S Birds team. They were 11th in qualification, but with an impressive project which had several issues in terms of reliability, so the suspense was huge.

They did a great game, started by releasing modules outside the release zone. Then, their bot came to our side and our bot changed its plans to adapt to the situation and carry on its game, but that was not enough as A.I.G.R.I.S Birds’ bots were able to catch an impressive quantity of elements. Our small bot didn’t start, as well as the phone filming this game. But we have no regrets as the bot gave the best it could do with a nice avoiding by adapting the strategy from other games.